Water is an essential natural resource that everyone should help safeguard. As environmentally conscious people, we are mindful of our home and garden pesticide use, and we take steps in our daily lives to minimize our impact to the environment.

Protecting Our Water

As responsible stewards of our land, Americans are mindful of their actions and activities, and how they impact our communities.

Gardeners and homeowners who choose to use pesticides want to do so in a way that is environmentally responsible. This means handling, storing and disposing of pesticides in a way that keeps it from harming the environment, and especially our water. Water is an essential natural resource that everyone should help safeguard.


Eliminating Run Off

Many urban creeks receive water from residential areas. Chemicals used around the home, including home and garden pesticides, can move from where they are applied and run off through the storm drain system into these creeks and rivers.

By following a few simple rules for handling and disposal of pesticides, you can play an important role in helping prevent this type of runoff and in preserving water quality and the environment. Click here to learn more.