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Apply Responsibly Announces Launch of Spanish Language Program to Help California Gardeners Protect State’s Waterways Web Site Mirrors Four-Year Effort to Raise Awareness Among Californians About the Smart Use of Outdoor Insecticides

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 24, 2012) – Seeking to broaden its environmental message to California’s growing Hispanic population, officials from Apply Responsibly today announced the launch of a Spanish-language program designed to mirror the group’s efforts promoting the responsible use of outdoor insecticides.

The new web site –  – is at the center of the campaign. It offers a wide range of information about gardening, resources and specific tips for how homeowners can prevent insecticide runoff into nearby streams and waterways, according to program officials.

Visitors can also take part in this year’s “Go Native” campaign, which includes an online quiz about water conservation. Those who successfully take the quiz can receive free seed packets containing drought-resistant native California plants.

“We recognize that Spanish-speaking Californians comprise a large segment of those who own homes and use our products in their yards and gardens,” said Fred Pearson, chairman of the Urban Pyrethroid Stewardship Group, the industry alliance that established Apply Responsibly. “We appreciate the opportunity to start raising pesticide awareness among this important segment of the population.”

The stewardship group, comprised of leading insecticide industry companies, was established in 2008 with the goal of better informing California consumers about the important link between responsible pesticide use and safeguarding the state’s water and the environment. In past years, the Apply Responsibly effort has reached millions of Californians through media, advertising, online quizzes and community outreach.

“We appreciate the different options available for controlling pests, including organic methods,” he said. “But for the millions of consumers who choose to use pesticides, it’s important they know how to handle, store and dispose of them properly.”
Apply Responsibly reinforces many existing guidelines and established best practices, including, recommendations that consumers:

  • Use, store and dispose of unused insecticides according to the instructions on the product label.
  • Never pour any leftover insecticides down the sink, toilet, sewer or storm drain.
  • Don’t stockpile insecticides. Buy only enough for one season.
  • Consider ready-to-use pesticides rather than products that need to be mixed if only a small area needs to be treated.
  • Prevent runoff by not applying pesticides to concrete or other impervious surfaces; do not apply when it is raining.
  • Sweep any granules ending up on hard surfaces onto the treated area.

In addition to raising awareness about insecticides in general, the program also seeks to educate homeowners and gardeners about pyrethroid insecticides, which are used to control a wide range of insects that can infest gardens and enter the home.
With California facing drought conditions this year, the Apply Responsiblystewardship program has also launched its “Go Native” campaign to urge English and Spanish-speaking gardeners to pay attention to water – both conserving it and taking steps to prevent pesticide runoff into urban waterways, according to program officials.

“Most California homeowners use the majority of their water caring for their gardens, plants and lawns,” said Pearson, “Combining water conservation with our Apply Responsibly message is a natural fit.”

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