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Apply Responsibly’s 6th Annual Summer Campaign Reminds Water-Wise Californians to Use Pesticides Properly

Stewardship program calls on water-wise Californians to conserve water and use pesticides responsibly.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 30 , 2014) – This year’s Apply Responsibly program is reminding Californians to do all that they can to protect the state’s waterways by learning to become water-wise gardeners, program officials announced today.

“For the sixth consecutive year, we’re sending a message to homeowners about the importance of the proper use of pesticides, as well as tips on responsible water use in the garden,” said Ann Orth, a spokesperson for the program.

To help spread the word, Apply Responsibly has posted an updated online water-wise quiz for website visitors to take. A free packet of wildflower seeds will be sent to those who respond. “The quiz is a fun way to encourage water conservation and environmental stewardship,” said Orth. “This way we can encourage homeowners to also be smart about their use of water. Not just during the drought, but always.”

Since 2008, Apply Responsibly has educated millions of California gardeners and homeowners on the proper use of pesticides, which includes the handling, storage and disposal of pesticides. “We have redoubled our efforts this year to reach more Californians, especially in Southern California, through our transit ads, radio spots, social media posts and partnerships,” she said.

Apply Responsibly reinforces many existing guidelines and established practices, including recommendations that consumers

  • Avoid stockpiling pesticides; buy only enough for one season
  • Don’t treat entire driveways, patios, sidewalks or similar outdoor surfaces
  • Use, store and dispose of unused pesticides according to the instructions on the product label
  • Don’t overwater and don’t allow water runoff into gutters, in-lawn drains or storm drain when watering treated areas
  • Dispose of unused pesticides according to the instructions on the product label

In addition to raising awareness about pesticides in general, the program also seeks to educate homeowners and gardeners about pyrethroid pesticides, which are used to control a wide range of insects that can infest gardens and enter the home.

“Pyrethroid pesticide products are intended to control unwanted insects such as mosquitoes, caterpillars, ants, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, aphids and other insects that threaten plants, home or health,” said Orth. “Just like any pesticide product, pyrethroids must be handled properly.”

Apply Responsibly provides a wide range of resources for consumers who want to learn more about integrated pest management, pest prevention and general gardening. The program also provides helpful tips and best practices for using water wisely in our yards and gardens. Visit to learn more and to take the quiz.

About Apply Responsibly: Apply Responsibly is a public awareness program funded by the Pyrethroid Working Group. Through and other educational materials, the industry alliance promotes the responsible use, storage and disposal of pesticides commonly used in the garden and outside home as a way to help protect California’s water and environment. The Pyrethroid Working Group is comprised of following companies: AMVAC Chemical; BASF Corporation; Bayer CropScience; Cheminova, Inc.; DuPont Crop Protection; FMC Corporation; Syngenta Crop Protection; and Valent BioSciences Corporation.


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